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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by rbeca, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. rbeca

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    from Texas
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    I am building a 9 hole golf course and it requires dozer work to complete. Most of the course is cleared land but some is tree areas. I wondered if anyone has dozier exp and would recomend the type of dozer that would be capable of doing this type work. They come in various sizes and I don't want to get one to small or too large. Any ideas?
    Thanks Rebecca
  2. paul

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    What are you going to do with the dozer? If spreading topsoil then a D-4 or 5 Cat but if it's rough in dirt and you have a lot of it you migh need something bigger. One other thing the operator will make all the differance in your machine.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    You are better of getting a excavator in and do the clearing its alot faster and alot cleaner we never ever use dozers for landclearing nowwadays. A EX-150 to EX-200 Hitachi or a 180 or 220 Kobelco will do more landclearing in one day than using a dozer disturbing ground and making one heck of a mess.

    When it comes to spreading the soil etc a rubber tired backhoe can do most of it a 590 Case 4x4 Construction king can work really fast depending on the operator.

    The only time you see a dozer working in this area would be in the local gravel pits pushing material down the mountainside and these machines are D-8s and D-9s.

    Good luck
  4. Xtreme Lawns

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    buy a D3C D4 or a rayco mini crawler easy to use and very manuver maybe even a scraper but don't get a D5
  5. digger242j

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and ask Rebecca a question, and I mean no offense by it.

    By "dozer" do you mean a "bulldozer"--specifically a crawler tractor with a blade attached to the front, or are you one of those people (probably the majority) who calls any yellow machine that burns diesel fuel and moves dirt around a "dozer"?

    The reason I ask is that a "bulldozer" is great for pushing dirt around and making things flat where you want them flat and sloped where you want them sloped, and depending on the size of the machine and the size of the trees, it'll push trees over, but it lacks the versatility to do much else. A bulldozer would certainly be useful in building a golf course but if I had my choice I'd have several different types of machines on hand, and if I could choose only one type it would not be a bulldozer.
  6. paul

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    Not knowing where in Texas she is, but having hunted a bit around there some I know dozers are used alot to clear "trees" mostly scrub and brush. but then again it's a big state.

    Of course theres a bit more to buying a dozer than just size.
  7. hde12112

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    Most professional golf course shaping contractors use d-4 to d-5C sized machines. Any thing much larger than that is difficult to spread soil with. John deere 550s are a very popular dozer in this industry.
    a good operator can blow the doors off any backhoe or rubber tired loader for course shaping. I ve actually never seen anyone use one for this. One shaper i work with uses an 850 case, the guy is increadable with it.
    keep in mind this is finish shaping, not large earthmoving equipment. to do that you need scaper pans. tree clearing works best with large hydraulic excavators.
    best of luck
  8. crawford_darrel

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    my first reaction to your question is "if you have to ask you don't know enough about it to do it"! Don't take me wrong but, In 16 years of dirt work I do know that there is a write machi9ne for every job. You can't aford all of them. The operater is so important that I feel it is a bigger quistion in it's self. Anyway, unless you have alot of work that it will pay you to invest in this direction, I would recommend tal;king to a good contractor that can do the work at hand and do it well. Thanks dlc

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