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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by MDHomeSVCS, Jan 5, 2014.

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    A few clean-up jobs and aerations I did last week. The grass is still too dead to see and really good stripes. I'm still trying to get used to straight stripes on my 36" WB. I borrowed my buddies Turf Tiger to try out and it's alot easier to get straight lines with that thing for sure!! The first pics are my 36" and the second is his TT.




  2. MDHomeSVCS

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    Here is my truck and trailer all loaded. I had the aerator out with me that day. I also repainted my trailer and painted the sides black while I was at it. I am also going to paint the wheels either silver or get some new aftermarket rims.

  3. MDHomeSVCS

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    Another large cleanup job. I have to pull the ivy off the house and shed, power wash the ivy mess off, cut down the small saplings/small trees, trim shrubs, create/define beds, mulch, aerate, and weekly mow.

    Any advice for quickly washing the ivy marks off the stucco?





  4. MDHomeSVCS

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    Another spring clean-up, mulch, edge and mow job. This actually ended up turning into a new weekly account as well.

    I still need to go back and finish the mulch, they are having another company power wash their house, so I suggested we wait. For some reason my edging doesn't look very deep in these photos, but it is a good 3.5-4" deep. The lines look a little squiggly on my edging too, but I think its the way the camera caught it or because I hadn't trimmed the grass yet as they came out great when I was done.

    Any feedback or suggestions are great!

  5. MDHomeSVCS

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    I did another cleanup, mulch, and aerate job today. Looked great, it was the medium pine bark. Unfortunately the guy I did the job for told me he would only let me take pics if I discounted the job $100....so yeah, no pics of this one.

    On a side note, I think I am picking this truck up next week. It is a 2002 F250 7.3 power stroke. What do you think is a good price to pay? It has just over 120K miles and is owned by my step father. They are all over on craigslist ranging from 10K-20K. He told me to just "pay a resonable price" and it's mine. He is leaving it to me to set the price.

    This isn't the exact one, but looks almost identical minus the wheels. Lift and all looks the same. It does have some mods, but definitely not abused. Does it look ok or professional enough?

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    That's a great truck! And low miles for a 7.3L. I'd say 15k would probably be a fair price.
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    If it's a Lariat in good shape I'd say $14-$15,000.
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    It is a Lariat. There is a small hole in the drivers side, I'm assuming from sliding off the seat to get down since it sits so high. I was leaning toward 15K so I think that's what I will do. I will put up some pics when I get it.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Advice for cleaning ivy nubs from stucco. Simple Green softens them pretty good and cuts the natural glue. Apply it straight from a cheap sprayer. Be forewarned and get the customer to sign off that paint damage may occur. This is caused by the ivy and not the washer so much. 90% of the time the customer will agree to having that side repainted which allows you ro be more aggressive with the PW and make a few extra bucks on the paint job if you're up to it. When doing PW jobs always get a damage waiver signed. Paint adhesion,wood rot, caulk, open windows are not your fault but will quickly reveal themselves under the gun. Good luck and nice work.
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    Looking good man. I'm jealous you have an aerator, I need to get me one of those!

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