DR Trimmer/Mower ("As Seen on TV")

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cray_new2exmark, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I have had a thread posted asking for help recommending something to mow my 6' high grass on my lake damn and around the edge of my lake. I found this site: http://drpower.com Has anyone bought one of these "push mower- weed eater-string trimmer-brush cutter" Hybrids?? It is like a push mower but has 3 wheels and cuts using super heavy duty plastic line. I need to know how it does on steep slopes and around a lake edge. Also, the DR brand uses a Briggs:confused: yuk - and Home Despot junk store sells a similar model that is a Swisher brand:confused:Huh? Anyone know of a real machine with a real engine or are these the only trimmers on the market? Please let me know as I have to clean up the property this weekend and next. Thanks
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    Never used one, but a good friend of mine bought one several years ago, and ended up returning it. He said it absolutely worked you to death unless you were using it on basically level ground. He found a regular string trimmer to be much easier and more efficient to use.
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    Bear Cat Products. They make a high wheeled walk behind string trimmer with a Honda engine and with a Briggs. They have 3 models, standard push, self propel, and tilt and trim which gets you into tighter areas like where a curb meets the road.
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    I purchased a dr trimmer mower in 2001. Was the top of the line model with a Kawasaki engine. I bought this mower to cut my small field but must agree that it will really tire your shoulders out if not on smooth ground as it bounces all over the place and especially so if on an incline. While it still runs and has always started (must say I have been impressed with the Kaw engine), I really do not think that this machine is very well suited for most tasks unless your grass is fine and easily cut. I have lots of fescue and it is very difficult to cut when it gets very high. It takes forever to cut any substantial amounts of grass. If a small amount to cut, a handheld might be easier and if a lot of grass, one of the self-propelled blade-based weed/brush cutters might be a better choice. Just my opinion.
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    I work for DR at their Factory Store in New Milford, CT. (Service Tech).

    They do bounce a bit. Yes, your shoulders get tired if there's a lot of grass.

    If the angle is 15 degrees or less, you can use any of the trimmers. If it is more than 15 degrees but less than 25 degrees, you can use one with an oil filter on it (and oil pump). If it is more than 25 degrees, you are going to have trouble walking the thing, and it won't get sufficient lubrication. You'll blow the engine. This is true of any unit, no matter who makes the engine. (Unless it's 2-cycle, but they're not available anymore. Thank the EPA.)
    The Kawasaki engines are not available on the DR trimmers anymore (price).

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