Drag race anyone?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sweetland, Apr 9, 2012.

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    My family use to own a drag strip and in the 90's I think dixie chopper brought a mower to our track for testing and let me tell you this thing was definitely the worlds fastest mower it had some kind of helicopter engine on it this thing would pull big wheelies and I think it ran something like 55mph. And yes he even cut some grass with it. Oh and yes I do drag race can your mower beat this?

    064 (800x590).jpg
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    Yea, old video. Not a fair model Dixie and I don't believe the Cheetah was in high gear.

    And now Husqvarna PZ6034FXZT does 18 mph!! I'm not sure how. I believe they're using the same set up as the Cheetah. Only difference is the PZ has a switch which keeps the deck from being engaged in the higher gear. Something I'm sure that can be gotten around.:rolleyes:

    Looks to me like Hustler still has the best system. One speed, huge pumps, huge motors, huge cooling system, huge warranty. I'm concerned on the other two that the pumps won't hold up if they're worked any where near their mid to upper end. Guessing similar problems to what the earlier Hustlers were doing and these other two don't even have anywhere near the cooling system that even the earlier Hustlers had. I guess time will tell.
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    "The Super Z is the fastest production mower on the market"

    That was a quote from the first page of Hustler's website. The Scag website quote "The Scag Cheetah is the fastest and most comfortable cat in the Scag family."???
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    The SCAG and Husky are going to feel sluggish as the 5400 pump/motor combo isn't as "direct" as the Hustler. Then again, the Hustler feels sluggish compared to the eXmark.

    The eXmark can and does wheelies from half stick to full stick. First mower I ever used that was that responsive!
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    Not to hash the "how fast can you really cut and get a good QOC" again, but the Exmark also tops out at 11 mph. :sleeping: The lower gearing of the unit causes it to have more torque. The others would be like pulling out from a stop in a car or truck in second gear. Hp/torque of the engine will probably effect this some as well. I've seen more than one thread that people have commented the new Super Z is faster than the old. They both supposedly do 15 mph. I wonder if they're felling quicker response and fast acceleration form 0-15 mph and this makes if feel faster. I do think they've taken out some of the lower hp rated engines they use to give as options and are now mating them with a more reasonable hp package. Keeping people like you and me TLS from buy these gutless EFI Kohlers on machines that need more hp.
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    What's the point in going fast on ZTR? Many LCO'S tear lawns up with oversized equipment.. Give me a walk-behind anyday..
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    Regardless of the companies quotes, they list their top speeds in there spec. sheets. Last time I took math 15mph was less than 16mph.
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    That utube clip has been around for several years, It has a new title on the front of it with 2011 but its older than that.

    That DC is about 12 years old..
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    Hasn't been "several" years. 2011 is the title.

    Here's why:

    It has a 2011 SuperZ and a 2011 Cheetah in it. I'm not up on JD's anymore, but the 960 isn't that old. The Lazer is a Next Lazer, which other than the old DC, has the capability of being the oldest in the bunch.

    So when we say old...we mean 2011 old, not several years ago.

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