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    Does anyone know why dragonflies fly all over a lawn for days after it has been cut? There is this one lawn that I maintain and every time I cut it they are out there flying around for a few days. It seems like it is only this one lawn. I assume they are eating gnats or something? Anyone else ever see this?
  2. Yea, dragonflies catch small flying inscaects with their legs
    Pretty cool to watch isn't it.

    I also have robins that show up at the same lawns every week and work the area that has just been cut-all the bugs are on the move.
    Its almost like they are tame, moving 1-2 ft from the mower
  3. 65hoss

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    For over a week now I've had 100's of them all over my backyard. Everyone just sits and stares in amazement. Hopefully they are eating all the west nile misquitos.
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    Enjoy them while you can. They are the good insects.

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