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drain pipe under road


LawnSite Member
Has anyone trie using a pressure washer and pipe to set a piece of drain pipe under a driveway. Such as starting your hole and then start your drain pipe 4' and using your pressure washer hose with a drain cleaning nozzle to wash the dirt away through the pipe. I've heard of this somewhere and just trying to confirm if it will work or not. Thanks guys.

Mikes Lawn Landscape

LawnSite Senior Member
It will work pretty good until you hit rock. There is a machine you can rent that will do horizontal boring. (I forget what they call it) but basically it looks like a lawn mower that you attach steel pipes to and a bit and it drills through the soil. I rented one for about $60 one time. We went about 6 ft under a sidewalk and the machine was about 25 ft away to get the bit horizontal so get as many pipes as you can.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
We do it all the time for irrigation. We use steel pipe for the surround, though, while jetting.