Drain Tile Questions ?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GoBrowns247, Jun 8, 2006.

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    I have a customer who would like drain tile installed in their back yard.
    They would like us to connect it to a small creek that runs along the back of their property. Has any one connected drain tile to creeks before ? What if the creek over flows. Wouldn't the water run up the drain tile. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.:usflag: :drinkup:

    One more thing. We have always done drain tile installs by hand. This job is larger and I don't want to do all that digging. What would you recommend I rent ? Thanks again.:drinkup:
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    ? - you are tying into a creek?
    Do you mean the tile exits in to the creek?
    I would trench the ditch for the pipe, but I sure as heck wouldn't exit into a creek.
    You, the contractor, becomes responsible for contaminants dumping into the creek, not $worth it.
    I would check with your city/county if this is permissible.
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    What is the drain tile draining? Gutters? French drain to drain low lying areas of the yard? Sump pump drain from basement?

    If it's a gutter drain then no problem, that water otherwise will be dumped on the top of the ground and make it's way to the creek (or back into the house in some poorly designed yards). In other words there would be no problem here.

    If it is a french drain to drain a low lying area of a yard it may be easier to divert runoff by cutting a ditch and feathering out the sides so it drains water to the creek.

    Sump pump drain. Depends on what is going into the sump. If it's just water (like a condensate drain off an a/c unit) then probably not a problem, if it's the clothes washer then you may have an issue with eh soap entering into the water system.

    As far as the tile going into the creek and the creek rising, is why I prefer(and did in my yard) cut a ditch to rain water rather than a tile to a creek for all of my gutter drains on the south end of my house, all of my gutter drains and my yard natural flow is to the south to a creek about 1/8 mile away. Tht way if the creek rises all of that water will join it but it will join it away from my house rather than cause my gutters to fill up and dump water next to teh house which is the whole reason I went drainage wacko! to get water way from the house.

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