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    Putting in a couple drain boxes.....simple. I've always used solid pipe, no holes to get the water OUT of the area its in. While at the same time it is burried in #57 gravel causing the ditch to act as a drain itself. Well good 'ol homeowner has a couple rolls of pipe WITH holes that he'd like to use.......makes since, got it use it. My only question in the effect on the drain box system and getting the water out from where I don't want it. The area is pretty flat and the ditch of #57 will be a needed help in keeping the area dry.

    So, holes or no holes? How do you prefer/why? Thanks:drinkup:
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    If you use it and backfill with clean drain rock and cover with filter cloth or just backfill with clean drain rock up to finish grade it will be fine. No real reason TO use perf pipe, but it wont hurt anything if you do use it, if you do it properly
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    The ditch is 1' x 1' x 155'.......9 tons of #57 gravel/6 yrds.......2" soil/sod on top
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    The #57 will keep the perf pipe from clogging, I'd line the ditch with filter cloth before dropping in the perf pipe and the #57, and also lay filter cloth ontop between the #57 and the backfill.

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