drainage behind retaining wall?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by northernsvc's, May 20, 2006.

  1. northernsvc's

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    i am doing a small retaining wall on the outsides of a pool, 2ft 6" high by 60 ft. wondering if i need to put in a drainage sytem behind wall or if i can just back fill with #8.
  2. Mike33

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    I dont know what your 8 is. Stone is not always standard from state to state. I use around a 3 quarter stone and it woud be fine behind a 2' wall. The water will follow the gravel.
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    It depends on the amount of water that will be collected by the soil behind the wall. If you have any doubts, add a drain. It will increase the longevity of your work and give you piece of mind. By being at the edge of the pool, you'll have pool splash, and rain water is pitched away from the pool and depending on the soil you are retaining, you may have a potential problem. A simple drain system can be quick and inexpensive to install along with your clean wrapped stone. A couple of outlets or 3 should do the trick, Dewitt landscape fabric has come out with a new product that looks to make wall drains quick, easy and unobtrusive. The outlets can be fit between 2 blocks and spanned over top by the next course. It's called D-drain. Their website does not have the most comprehensive information about it, but they will send you all you need including all the accessories and dealer locations. http://www.dewittcompany.com/erosion.html#ddrain
    Better to be safe, than have to return for a costly repair or failure.

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    Good advise Kirk, Give me a e-mail of how life has been treating you lately.

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