Drainage, design ideas?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gilster, May 13, 2008.

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    Like the one guy said, think about putting a drain tile through there and hooking the downspouts into it.

    Grass growth? I'm surprised there is grass there with the shading going on. My only idea would be to make a bed on each house and run them parallel to each other. Thus having the beds get bigger as they go to the back of the house, and start against the houses in the front.

    The only other thought would be is to just plant a ground cover in there and let it go.
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    By drain tile you mean something like a french drain?
    I was thinking big'o right down the middle starting around the AC and ending about half way down the driveway. Cover it up with fabric and rock and then river rock perhaps.
    Just not sure how you would hide the end of the pipe where it would end half way down the driveway.
    What type of ground cover would work best?
    Thanks for your help.:canadaflag:
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    What plant zone do you live in?

    French drain, ya. Mainly what I'm thinking of is black corrigated tile pipe with the holes in it, then from the down-spouts, use a PVC solid pipe. Most of your hardware supply companies have all the hook-ups you need. You could probably use a pop-up end on the drain to hide it as well as possible. It makes an upward turn at the end and there is a weep hole in the bend so you don't get water standing in it. You'll also want to think about how to put in a clean-out in case the pipe fills up over the years. I try not to make my connections at the down-spout too tight so I can take it apart and run a hose or snake through it. At the start of your tile I'd put one there too, with just a cap that can be removed, and cover it over. Just mark or tell the homeowners where the start is for future reference.

    Same goes with the pop-up. You can seal the cap, but I don't, so if it needs to be removed it can.

    As for the start of the tile, I would go way back into the back yard. It looks to be a steep grade back there, and I always so more is better in this situation.

    Ground cover is iffy. Try to find one that isn't too aggressive root wise so you don't have issues with it growing into the drain-tile.

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