Drainage dillemas

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by landscapingpoolguy, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Customer needs a retaining wall in there back yard and wants drystack fieldstone. Part of the dilema of there back yard is horrible drainage and an erosion problem. They have a naturally tierd yard already and at the top of that tier is a huge hill goin up to the neighbors yard. Water is oviously coming down the larger hill and causing all kinds mud in the two lower tiers of there yard. Im goin to Wall the hill betwen the two lower teirs so stop some of the eriosion goin on between those two tiers. Drainge work at the base of the larger hill also.Then regrade the lowest so the water flows away from the house. The major dilema is all the drainage work has no place to go except towards the wall. Im also concerned about seepage from the drystack wall(4' tall x 100'). I know I will have to install drainge at the foot in front of the wall. I was also considering building a cinder block wall first then veneering that with the fieldstone leaving the joints dry to achieve the dry look. I really need to keep all of my water contained to the drainge work behind the wall and another drain that I will put at the base of the wall. Other issues with the drysone wall is the two massive dogs these people have that run and wrestle. They will certianly be jumping all over the wall. I know this is hard to vision but if you have any thoughts or ideas they'd be apprciated.

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