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Drainage in wall


LawnSite Gold Member
coastal NC
one large enough for the drainpipe to fit through

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
I don't think I've ever actually cut a hole in SRW block for drain pipe... Whenever possible, I run the pipe to daylight out the ends (usually under the first "step-up" in the block), and short of that, it's run under the wall. Run a section of 4" sch. 40 PVC in the base and hook into that. Longer walls might be an issue, though.

Personally, I don' like the look of having outlets showing on the front of the wall.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Theres a job by me thats about 30" tall, and made from garden wall block. They have a series of 4" sch. 20 pipe sticking out all over. It looks like a fort with cannons!. Horrible job. That job doesn't even need a drainpipe, just some clean stone behind the wall.