Drainage methods, whats best.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Redbear, Jun 21, 2006.

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    I've always had a problem assessing the best way to divert water. eg. a downspout runs onto the paver deck just installed. Is this acceptable if the slope of the deck is 1.5 - 2%, or do you extend it under the patio to the lawn. I know I would rather get it off the deck, do I use PVC to extend the downspout (or O pipe) under the deck and if so must it be 6" below base or will it be alright just under. Also, if the downspout can't come up to the lawn anywhere, does a drywell of stone wrapped in fabric suffice? If not then what? What can one get away with when it comes to a drywell and should it be a certain distance from the house? As you can see I could go with many questions on drainage. Any info on these things would be great, point me to a site, a book anything to better understand this topic.. Thanks in advance. I don't worry so much about the water, but the ice in the winter on walks etc. and just want the simplest way to get water away.
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    It is always best to divert the water away from any paved surface. Even better if you can pipe it under and away to open air. If you need to pipe into a drywell, many manufacturers have prefabricated units that reduce silting and will continue to function properly long after fabric and stone units have failed. http://www.ndspro.com/Products/Info.aspx?tab=Overview&cat=12&class=Drainage

    The NDS site has great information as well as product to investigate. Drainage is the #1 concern on any landscaping project, especially hardscaping.

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    "Soakwells" as we call them are standard specification for building here. Best made out of concrete and kept 4 feet away from a footing. Run a PVC collector from the downpipe and use a trafficable (concrete) lid for the well if it is going to be under a paved area or otherwise run over by a skid steer.

    Useless in Clay but very effective in sand, loam or gravel. There is a formula for roof catchment area to well size for soil type.
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    Wealways catch off the downspouts and divert to a grass area. As far as just under the base, I always go at least 3' below the surface to be under the frostline.

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