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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Commonwealth LC, May 8, 2007.

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    I have a customer that I am trying to fix a drainage problem for but there is diffinitely a problem but not so much a fix. So I get into the job get everything started with the french drain and then it hits me, no where to put the water.

    So after a while the yard drys up because the water is flowing down our trenches and I decide that maybe we could just fill everything back in with dirt and it will drain (because land is sloped). This didnt happen, two weeks later yard is soaking wet and standing water again.

    History. Guy had trees taken out in the area about 6 months ago. Says man put fill dirt back in holes.

    Any suggestions anyone?
    Thanks, Josh
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    its tough to say without any pictures or further description but what you can do is dig a trench 3 foot deep by 2 foot wide and fill it with rip-rap to the top then just cover the ugly gray stone with lanscape stone (river rock i guess its called) and you won't have anymore standing water
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    At my house we had to ahve a french drain done, and i dont know if the house has a crawl space or not, ours did, and we sloped the bottom of the drain with gravel and ran black tubing with holes drilled in it, and then put a 90 degree turn in it, and made a hole in the brick and run pipe all the way though the crawl space, and shot it out the back side of the house into the back yard.....im guessing if his front yard slopes down hill towards the house, the back will slant downhill away from the house, and the water can come out the pipe and run down the hill.....i hope this helps....It helped our yard a lot, ours was soo bad, that it was rottin the wood floor in our front halls...we had about 8 inches of standing water below the two front hall closets....the contractor had dumped all his garbage below them, and then laid cinderblock aorund all of the trash.
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    Really need a pic - maybe you need a ditch with gravel through the slope , it would work like a lateral line in a septic tank system , dispersing the water over a larger area.

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