Drainage Problem?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by drsogr, Jul 3, 2006.

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    I have a customer that insists he needs to put in some kind of drainage solution because his neighbor waters twice a day. (newer sod, 100 degree weather) The side of his yard is damp, which I can understand, but there is good slope and no real reason to do anything in my opinion. Just to wait until the guy with the new sod doesn't have to water as frequently. He wants to do something though and is willing to pay for it. Everything I can think of would help but wouldn't provide enough of a solution to make it worth wild. Such as putting in a french drain, or putting in a series of drains following the property line. Does anyone have any good ideas?
  2. drmiller100

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    french drain. reformat, or regrade the property line, then relandscape the yard.

    if the customer wants to spend money, let him. but when you put a 7k price tag at dealing wiht some water, your customer might back off some.

    get it in writing your custoemr is going to pay for it. I've seen before where the customer is actually EXPECTING the neighbor to pay for it, whihc can get REALLY ugly if you do all the work then try to get paid.
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    Maybe we could help if you had any pic's:confused: :confused:
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    If the customer really wants it done, tell him its going to cost 2x what your average price is.

    Might discourage him and you wont have a PITA on your hands, or you might make a lot of money :)
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    French drains work well and we install alot. Remember it is expensive work: excavation, haul away material, haul in and install stone and pipe, worst of all cleaning up the mess from the excavation and re -sod. Dont mess up on the stone quanity it can get expensive,
  6. topsites

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    If you want a cheap solution that might help, throw down some fert + lime to help the grass grow, that will soak up some of it but...

    It's risky, very hot out there, I'd go real light on the fert.

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