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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by calvinslawnservices, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a lawn mowing customer that has a drainage and washout problem.

    The water is starting at the top of the patio running around the the cement wall down the grade to the flat ground and under the cement slab and ponds around the house. What advice could I give the homeowner on correcting this problem.

    The pictures show an overview of the area:
    Blue is where the water is flow and the red areas are point downgrade.

    Thank you for your opinions.






  2. calvinslawnservices

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  3. PaperCutter

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    "You want a walkout basement? We can do that no problem!" seriously, wtf was the builder thinking?

    I can see that everything slopes to the patio like a bowl. When you walk up the slope out of the bowl, is there anywhere that the land then slopes down again away from the house? It would be a monster trench cut through the hill, but if you can pipe it to somewhere lower at the other side of the hill that would be the best bet.
  4. calvinslawnservices

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    I know the builder was an idiot. If the house was flipped they wouldn't have had to dig out anything, except a couple feet. I have thought about that there is a low point in the woods away from the house but it is far back there like 200'. They would have to dig out like ~20' down through mature trees. If you follow the blue line in the last picture, that is where they trench for electric and gas (I believe). So you can't take it out that way with redoing the lines.

    They are only worried about there patio on the top, with the sand washing out from under it. I don't even know where the water is coming from for that. I don't think they understand that there is 6 inches of water next to there house in the spring. Who ever installed the air conditioner noticed and put the slab for the air conditioner on 4*4's.
  5. Skimastr105

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    I'm from the area and could help consult on this. PM me if interested.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    yeah, that house should not have had a walk our basement. Or.....they should have set the house about 12-14 inches higher.

    First of all, let me say: this is a wooded lot (obviously). You DO NOT want to install any types of drain boxes, etc. IT WILL CLOG.

    As previously mentioned: this is a FREAKIN bowl in their backyard!

    Somewhere someone will have to come in with an excavator and a loader and will have to cut sut a swale. The water needs an escape.

    This should be done by someone with experience with cutting and grading soil.

  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    And oh! Can you explain the 'Ford Expedition Forum' (the window at the top of your picture)?

    haha - what on earth could they discuss? "Oh, I just love my 2008 Expedition, it is so easy to park at the mall when we go Christmas shopping........"


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    That house wouldn't have been issued a building permit around here.

    Can you put in a herring bone drainage system that leads into a French drain with an electric sump pump?
  9. RussellB

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    Looking at these pics I have a feeling the walk out basement idea was not originally part of the construction of this house. Did Harry homeowner get a bright idea? I wouldn't go near this place out of fear for being blmed for structural damage.
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  10. calvinslawnservices

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    DVS: What is "sut a swale"? And the expedition forum is just like this forum except for expeditions, more technical stuff than anything else. I wish I had a F 250.

    Dr. New Earth: I agree with the building permit. I have thought about the drainage system which collects water and pumps it up and over the swale. But I am not sure about the installation of it.

    If you look at the cement wall the 3 panel from the left to the 5 panel. They is a crack that runs all the way from the top to the bottom.

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