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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by steveair, May 2, 2000.

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    Hello,<p>I'm finishing up a property this week and have some major concerns with drainage. Its a piece of property between two houses that is shared by two homeowners. The one homeowner wanted it cleaned up and the two neighbors agreed to have me do the work, but the one is going to pay half of the cost of the neighbors yard that I do. (I know, a real headache situation, probably should of stayed away)<p>Well, no that I'm almost done, the neighbor wants me to do some more work or at least give him some ideas or other contractors names who could be of help.<p>My problem here are two things. First, the site is a real disaster. Theres a swamp in the back of the house and the builder has some half-ass drainage setup taking the water out. Not even sure what is going on with it, and I have had two other contractors give me their best opinions already. The area I topsoiled and seeded is already becoming wet, and well, its a little worrysome.<p>Because of this, I no longer want to touch any of the property. It seems like I could get way over-my head (as if I'm not already). My problem is that I told him I would try to do something, and don't want to look like a fool by going back on my word. How should I approach this matter now? Like I said, I didn't see the severity of the site until I really started working it. Should I just say &quot;I'm sorry, I would love to do more work for you, but quite frankly, your yard and drainage are way to much for me&quot;<p>Secondly, if I say this, I know he will ask for someone who could do the work. The thing is, I don't want to waste any of my hardworking friends time. I know the job is gonna be extremely expensive, and can just tell that he is not the kind of guy to spend that kind of money. Should I tell him about the costs involved first and hope he just decides to let it be, or should I go through the trouble of having someone else spend their time on giving him a quote, even though I know there's 99% possibility he won't do anything when he hear's the costs?<p>Any feedback aprreciated.<p>steveair
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    Steverair, you can fix any site, it might need piping running from the rear yard to front or maybe you just need to raise up the back yard. Look under dranage back in the forum also check with your county to see if the lot is in a flood plane. Have seen some places that you could build on but where still under Corp of Enginners control for the fornt or back yard. I'm looking at one now that the park district wants to build on but in flood plane but still want trees and shrubs. Depending on the site you could pipe it and run to a storm sewer using a slot or french drain or just regrade and install catch basins. It's up to you most catch basins installed cost about $200 and pipe for this can be run for about $13 per foot. If you have any more questions e-mail me. <p>----------<br>paul<br>

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