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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by TAF, Feb 2, 2005.

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    I have a potential customer whose driveway is collecting water from heavy rains that runs into the yard and right to the home. Unfortunatley the home is located so that the yard also angles towards the house. There is a obvious trench that the water is running down. I am thinking I can put a catch basin in the trench so that the water can be captured and drained through some 4" flexible drain pipe and released past the house. Question I have is when do you decide to use a non perferated pipe to drain water, versus using a drain rock filled trench with perferated drain pipe? If I can put a trench in so that the water from the yard would run across it, would a drain rock filled trench with perf pipe be better? I think in this instance the catch basin and non perf pipe is the way to go. Am I correct in assuming that a drain rock filled trench would be more suited to draining an area of standing water, rather then a situation where there is a concentration of water from heavy rains?
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    Without having seen the site or, at the very least, any pictures, my gut says that you would be fine going either route. However, my first reaction would probably be the one you have- to use a catch basin to collect the water. Depending on how heavily the water runs to that area, a rock filled trench with perf pipe in it could slow the water intake too much.

    As long as you can keep debris out of the catch basin, that's probably the way to go.

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    Attach the solid pipe to the catch basin.

    The water will run in the rock,no matter which pipe you decide to use.
    The solid pipe is great for carrying the source away from the area,

    A layer of drain gravel,then the pipe,and then another layer of drain gravel.
    If the solid pipe is used then sod can go back on top.

    Because the gravel will carry the water with or without the perforated
    pipe,I don’t use the perforated unless the solid is unavailable.


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