Drainage under paver patio

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by rpearlberg, May 15, 2012.

  1. rpearlberg

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    We're looking to have a patio installed and I've had a couple of quotes. Some have said we need drainage pipes under the patio, others have said the sand and gravel will do enough...
    What are your thoughts? Attached are pictures of today during the rain....

    I just want to know if I should spend the money on drainage or if it's not necessary.

  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    Put up the pictures again. They aren't displaying.
  3. rpearlberg

    rpearlberg LawnSite Member
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    I forgot to add pictures!


  4. AztlanLC

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    I'd say whoever is recommending drainage under the patio has deal with this type of issues before and knows what will happen to the patio in the future, also make sure they attach the gutters as well now is the best time.
    Enjoy you patio
  5. 2brothersyardcare

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    Give us a call 203-494-7816 ill be in fairfield today and would happily come out and discuss your options.


    Bo Baker
  6. rpearlberg

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    I usually don't get home until after 5:30pm...what company are you with?
  7. Glenn Lawn Care

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    Sand and class 5 should be enough for drainage. Just make sure the patio itself has drainage and that start with the class 5 and a laser level. example: Where you want all the water to drain should be the lowest point around an inch. And at the other end of the patio should be at 3 inches and dropping a 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch every 10 feet down to that inch I mentioned earlier!
  8. rpearlberg

    rpearlberg LawnSite Member
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    So there's no need for actual drains under the patio with the gutter downspouts tied it (to get the gutter water off of the patio).
  9. CSLC

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    It would not be a bad idea if you did. I have installed floor drains into patio's usually only when I can not run water off of patio to one area or are doing a pool job so no watershed goes into the pool. You can slope patio obv away from house have a drainage run go from end to end and tie two spouts into it from house and either day light it or dump it into a drywell.
  10. DVS Hardscaper

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    You do not fix standing water issues with "sand" and "gravel". Oh my heavens.

    Water issues are remedied:
    1) proper grading. Sloping the ground accordingly to ensure positive run-off.
    2) drywells. And perforated flexible drain tubing
    3) drain boxes such as Duraslope

    I'm on a jobsite lookin at your pic on a 2x3.5" screen. I'll take a look again tonight on another computer and will advise intelligently.

    Also need more info from you. the pics are of the sideyard. Are you putting the pato on the side? How bout pics of where the patio is to go? Along with pics of the lowest point of the yard? Is the front lower than the back?? Where does the water go now? Please elaborate. Also, we're all busy, it's hard to sit here and envision your overall plans and site. The More pics and details - the better feedback you'll receive :)


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