Drainage under paver patio

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by rpearlberg, May 15, 2012.

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    so big enough to handle 4" over the SF that you have draining to it? 4" in 4 hours is a lot more than 4" over 24 hours, guess thats where the variable soils come in to play too
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    It's just 4"s. No time frame. That dictates the size or volume of the drywell.
    So, in other words, if you had a 1,000 sq ft patio then you would need a drywell of at least 334 sq ft. which would be one 4' tall x 8' diameter precast drywell.
    Its obviously less if you were taking the runoff from an area other then a roof or paved surface.
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    This is the backyard. We plan to remove the landscape timbers and mulch and put the pavers right up to the house, the full length of the back of the house and then out to the fence (leaving about 18-24" of space to the fence for landscaping). The lowest point is probably right in the middle where the puddle is and then the plan is to drain it from the far end of the pic back towards the close end of the pic and then down a little slope towards a creek....
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    I'm with Two Brothers Yard Care if your still interested give me a call we can set up a meeting, I have some ideas that could work out and be a lot better.
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    A little secret:

    Make sure you have a cold beer for the contractor!!

    And no! They don't wanna meet and pet any yippy yappy rat dogs!

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