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    We just did a lawn renovation and sod install on a property a couple of weeks ago. We graded the lawn so the water would run into a slight culvert off of the lawn. You could say this worked almost too well. The water runs off of the lawn fine but when it hits downward sloping mulch bed on the side it washes the mulch away and has eroded some of the hill as well. However there are a few wet spots in the lawn. We did install french drains in front of a pisa 2 wall we built and continued it to the driveway. Instead of installing more french drains and ripping up the new sod, which by the way has taken very well and looks great, we will be using a new type of drainage system (new to us at least). We will cut a 2"x7" trench with our sod cutter and install this plastic egg crate looking stuff that is wrapped in material like landscape fabric. It comes in a roll, it's about 6"x1 1/2" and installed vertically in the trench. We will run this out to the hill that is eroding and add a collection area there. From there we will tie that into drain tile to bring the water down the hill to a flat area to help prevent erosion. Have any of you guys used this type of drainage before? Has it worked well for you? Any tips or pointers?
    Thanks Tyler

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