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    Hi, building a raised patio against the house about 18" high. Do I need to put in a drainage hose behind the wall if this patio is being built against the house? I can't see to much water getting in from the top...

    Thanks, Rick
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    there is not one answer.

    Variables will dictate.

    If the raised patio has a flower bed...it needs drainage.

    This raised patio HAS drainage:


    This raised patio has NO drainage. But the grade of the surface IS slopped away from the dwelling:

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    DVS - you're work is top top notch. Love it !!! Awesome .
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    Thanks, Man!

    I'm behind on shooting pictures of our jobs. I havent taken pictures for 18 months, until this week. I usually try to wait till the lawn is 100% re-established and the plants are developed before I shoot pics.

    I got some good ones yesterday and today of some brochure worthy projects!

    Thanks Again!

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