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    wondered how you do it...................

    i recently removed an area of clay in a yard that was constantly flooding the area was 6x5x12in. deep. laid in 6 in. of 6a stone and 6 in. topsoil and sodded. I watered the dirt during the process for compaction.

    Do most of you water during laying the dirt, after the sod, or not at all?:confused:
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    I don't water soil or any other material as it is being added. Watering the soil and then "working" it is one sure way to destroy soil structure. I try to work with what the homeowner has already, and when I encounter clay I amend that soil with lots of compost and occasionally greensand.

    Ideally, when adding large quantities of soil to an area, its good to wait a few weeks to allow the stuff to naturally, settle. Since most of us don't have that kind of time, we have to speed up the process. I use a roller over the area and also make sure the new area is slightly higher than the surrounding area to allow for future settling.

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