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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Just a FYI ....if you have any clients that were using Drake, well they are now True Green Clients. Had a couple clients call early this week in a panic. Drake sold their lawn division to True Brown.

    This is a good time to share with them about your experiences with True Brown and hopefully get a company on the property which you feel does a good job in your opinion.

    L and O guys I hope you are gobbling them up as I doubt many will stick with the sellout plan as Drake has never been one of the cheaper ones out there and did not deliver the same kind of results that True Brown does often.
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  3. Greg Amann

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    Did our first 2 quotes today. One of them said they got the letter yesterday.
    Didn't take them long. They don't like TG at all.
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    Drake isn't in my area but I wish you all the good fortune you can get from this deal.

    Back in 2005 I sold all my accounts and True Brown and I went all the way to closing at the lawyers Office. It was the Last Minute surprise or lies that were told to get me there that had me Tear up the Contract right there in the Lawyer's office. They wanted a huge hold back for lost accounts the first year. They actually tried to get me to sign before showing me the Check. So I hope Drake didn't fall for that scam. I have purchased Companies and 10% loss is an expected factor that I have been lucky enough to of never reached. But in True Browns case the Percentage is a lot higher. In fact it is HUGE.
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    Ive seen Drakes trucks for sell on truck trader. Wondered why they were selling them.
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    Tru-brown usually doesn't buy equipment,,only customer bases,,so the original owners are selling them off.
    Yup, buying customers to keep in business,,hey, they are selling 15 trucks,,hmm 15 routes, average customer base for a truck and 'specialist' is about 600,,so around 9,000 people woke up and found they have Tru-brown now,,:dizzy:
    their lawns will start raising Cain,and will need to call Able! Able Lawn Spray! (877) 373-6016 www.YourLandscapePro.com
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    I know the owner of Heron and take care of his property. He is good friends with the family that owned Drake from my understanding. I will see if I can see roughly how many accounts Drake had for sure but either way that is a lot of new business potential out there for you guys that had Drake as competition before the sell out.
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    My friend works at true green, his job is to deal with customers that have canceled, he calls them with all kinds of offers trying to get them back, which surprisingly a lot re sign contracts, poor ol' saps haha.

    Anyways you guys ever hear about the True Brown special? lol my neighbor got it then called me few weeks later wanting a bid on a new lawn.

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