Drawing a blank!!! Lil help on design for this school building.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by KrayzKajun, Jul 1, 2012.

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    well im drawing a blank on this one. :dizzy:
    i have my designs and plants chosen for the two entrances of the school.

    this building is just so plain, its exactly the same on both sides. i was thinking of some type of tree planted just in front the down spouts to hide them and some foundation shrubs inbetween, with areas to swap seasonal color(which is a big requirement).

    both sides recieve full sun. we will be installing irrigation for the beds and turf.

    any help is appreciated. :waving::waving::waving:






  2. White Gardens

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  3. KrayzKajun

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    Columnar European Hornbeam would be a good tree to use. Consider keeping them out closer to the walk in small circle beds in the lawn. Break up the monotany by keeping the grass going all te way to the building in some places and adding beds in others.

    Keep in mind that it is a school, so they are not going to want places for people to hide whether it is a college campus or elementary school. That means hiding to break in through a window, or hiding to ambush, or hiding from someone.

    It is a big building, so mass plantings in bigger groupings is very effective while detailed plantings of indivisual plants will look very spotty.

    Think "big picture" and abstract rather than about details and it will be fine. The building is so diminant that detailed plantings will bo un-noticed except at entrances and seating/meeting areas. Design to affect the building first and the people using it second in this type of situation.
  5. muddywater

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    Why not hire a designer to help you. At least pay for a walk through, to give you ideas.
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    my first thought was putting an arborvitae in front of those long downspouts, these are one of my favorite trees although they aren't exactly maintenance free...the columnar hornbeam is a good idea too...i would def break up the landscape beds and grass areas as mentioned above...keep in mind year round color, like the arborvitae, won't shed leaves...boxwoods always work..clusters of day lilies...i like the japanese maple idea that white gardens has above but they don't handle full sun that well...barberries give a good color and would work well in front of the windows to be used as a deterrent from looking in the window or trying to break in, or hiding for that matter ...wish i could show you a design as i know i'm more of a visual person, but these are just a few ideas
  7. Duekster

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    How about some magnolias and a few select native oaks , Mexican sycamore is a pretty nice fast growing tree if it works in your area.

    Start with some strategic tree placements Particularly where it will provide shade and cool the building.

    Near entrances look at some nice perennial beds with a small amount of season color in front.
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    Are you going to irrigate it? What's the budget?
  9. Duekster

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    I would also say, if you want to follow some modern principles, put the large hardwoods out from the building and softer trees like crype myrtle closer to the building. Clearly I am not talking about crowding the tree against the structure but thinking about birds.

    You do not want birds roosting need side walks or near the building entrances. Yet close enough to provide shade and cooling near the stucture without walks or doors.

    Keep some grass and hardscape close to the building, then grass then bunch grasses / native plantings away from the building. Mulch and landscape should be minimal against the building.
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    Yes we are putting in irrigation. There is really no budget, its up to me. Only requirement from the school director is tht we keep fresh color in the beds all year.
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