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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by cjohn2000, Oct 21, 2012.

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    I can help you design this if you like. Im currently in Alaska, over 50% of my projects are direct draw off natural water. I also have previously worked in Colorado (90 percent of the work was direct draw, dirty water, with invasion issues) and Idaho where all my customers lived on the same lake (big Lake) and drew water directly from it (including the golf course).

    I dont require any money... but this IS my thing.

    I deal directly with HD FOWLER down there in washington. Who do you use for a supplier?

    I also have connections in Colorado for custom pup skids and controllers if necessary (the Smart box X2 comes to mind as something that might be needed) What brand of controller do you commonly use.

    I would stay away from valve in head design if it's not something you normally do. selling the customer something you are ill suited and poorly trained to service is a really bad idea, there are plenty of good heads out there these days to deal with the dirty water, depending on how slimy the water really is, I can help you spec a filter for the pump system and as a last resort, there is always maxi paws (if you are honestly just pumping straight silt-filth)

    Send me a PM if you want some live consultation design help on this. I can also put you in contact with my washington and colorado people, or just run the leg work and go between for you.
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    a Florida job like this one would be ideal for hydraulic Valve-In-Head sprinklers, to eliminate the field wiring, and subsequent lightning damage
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    I know I know .... just flood it.
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    Now only if the job was in florida and not the pacific northwest, and the company had crews familiar with valve in heads! Hot Dog!

    Unfortunately not all companies (and most techs don't) have sufficient experience with valve in heads unless they come with golf course experience.

    Golf Courses and commercial irrigation companies (for whatever reason), at least in the area in question, tend to keep their "people" separate... so you might have a company owner that knows quite a bit about valve in heads but if this the first (and/or only) install of the kind to use those for this company, then it ends up putting the owner and/or upper eschelon on the too for every warranty, adjustment, or maintenance call for years to come, which is why I said (especially in a larger company) unless you use the product a lot, logistically you are better served (and better service to the client) to stick with solutions you know than to think outside the tool box, so to speak. Now if the company deals with alot of valve in heads, that would be a moot point. But they would be a rare duck rather than a common company model, at least in the Washington area. (I dont know about florida)

    as far as lightening, grounding kits are pretty common place in that area too... Although with the price of wiring in the last several years (holy cow 10-2 has gone up a lot!) it's not a bad design feature if you are struggling to fit in a budget.
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    now you're talking......
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    ......or just cover it with rocks
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    I have read over this, and it is a lot easier than most are making it seem.

    You need this info:

    Elevation change from water to pump.

    Required operating pressure of irrigation equipment and gpm.

    Pressure loss from pump to most taxed head.

    Take that info to your pump supplier and they will give you what you need.
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    You have forgotten we have root rot in our pond waters up north. No sense in your easy install until that issue is squared-away.
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    forget the holding tanks and root rot and acre-inches ~ get your watering by the pound

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    No I did not forget, I had no clue. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE, don't give me that much credit.

    Any time I get further North than Oklahoma City my head wants to explode.

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