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    Ok everyone, asking for your help again this evening. I'm a rookie so be gentle. What kind of clothing are you all wearing? Does a large % of everyone have "UNIFORMS" (pants, shirts, hats...) or are you just wearing blue jeans and t-shirts? Is there really a differance? Does anyone notice? Or is it just a FEEL GOOD thing for the business owners (you and me)? What are you wearing when you go to meet a prospective customer for the first time?

    please let me know before I take the plunge.Thanks


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  2. jjfehr

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    the easiest way to answer this question is to put your self in the customers shoes! If you decide that you want a lawn service and you had two companies to choose from, which would you choose? company a) or campany b). Company A) wears a nice looking t-shirt with company logo and a pair of nice shorts or pants, and company B) wears ripped up jeans and a brown and yellow tank top that is supposed to be white that you once caught "peeing in the bushes"(sorry I had to add that)! What would you wear for the first meeting between you and a potential client? Again, put yourself in the clients shoes, who would you choose the brown and yellow tank top, or my choice, a suit and tie? I feel that a suit presents yourself as a business man, rather than just the "lawn boy"!
  3. 1MajorTom

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    Our first year, we bought white polo shirts with our name embroidered on them, and we wore them to all our estimates. But for us, polos are just too hot to work in.

    My husband wears pants. Tan dickies and t-shirts that we ordered with our name on them. He wears pants all season long, and he has found that the dickies are the coolest to work in. Jeans are just so hot.

    Since I don't do the trimming, I wear tan shorts along with a company t-shirt. We try to look as professional as we can while still staying cool.

    As for estimates. Don't sweat the small stuff. There will be times when you just won't be able to get to your estimate being all fresh and clean. Sometimes you just might have to drive up to a prospective customer after a long hard day of work. Speak professionally, show that you are interested in what they want done, and they will definitely understand that you worked all day and still showed up for the estimate.
    Believe it or not, showing up for an estimate is the most important part. Because a lot of LCO's don't even bother showing when they say they will.

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    tennis shoes shorts and shirts with CO logo,thats it.
    No body gets on or off the mowers with the blades on so
    thats why i say yes to tennis shoes.
  5. cos

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    I saw a dude wearing sweat pants and sneakers and thought man, I sure wouldn't hire him to do any work around my house. He looked so unprofessional and had ciggarette hanging out of his mouth and the helper had a goatee about 6 inches long with tatoos all over his neck and arms.

    I know I wouldn't project that type of image. I wear t- shirts and jeans with boots.
  6. awm

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    button up an jeans ,to new accts . during heat ive had to go to muscle shirts as i got older. anything to get as much air circulation as possible.
  7. guntruck

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    We have really nice t-shirts with company name and logo on them. As for pants we wear the same as jodi's hubby, tan dickies very tuff and about the coolest we have found. I think image is VERY important and we get complimented all the time about how professinal and nice we look. I see too many LCO's out there with old dirty ripped up attire on and thats if your lucky, half of the hillbillies around here go out there to tan the michelin around there waist, yep no shirts!!! To me thats just sad but to each his own.
  8. kris

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    company t's , hat's , sweatshirts, jackets...yes I think it makes a differance. I also agree with Jodi...I have had to go to many appointments after already physically working and not looking so fresh. I feel people understand, that in this business we sometimes get rather dirty .... Where a suit? My opinion on that is ( and you know what they say about opinion's )...Not a chance...I don't think that is appropriate for this line of work.
  9. Mid Rivers

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    Red collared shirt (to match the exmark's) and off White dickies or Carharts.
  10. southside

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    Grey T shirt and King Gee long work pants. I wear a uniform style boot. Presentation isn't so important with me as I am fortunate enough not to have to deal with the public. :)


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