Dressing up for estimates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Baytownlawncare, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Do you guys dress up for new estimates. I have been trying this on my past 3 estimates and have landed all of them. I am not talking slacks and tie. I have been wearing a nice darker blue or black jeans and like a polo or golf shirt. I have also raised my prices a bit this year just on new clients. I have not had any of the new folks bawk at any pricing. Just wanted to know your experiences on how dressing up works or does not work for you. I am thinking if you come across as a professional that looks nice you have better chances of getting the job. When you look at it, it really is a job interview so you should look nice.
  2. adforester

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    i ALWAYS dress up to meet a new client!

    I have a lucky button up green,white,gold, plaid dress shirt
    Clean Jeans
    Snow seal(waterproof) my boots the night before (makes them clean lookin)
    Chippewa Super Loggers (high heals* look great when dressing up to meet clients! high heels look professional,make you look like your serious, that's my take anyway)
    Wear a silver bar bracelet or chain bracelet (they both weigh over 3 ounces!!)
    Take a shower
    Make sure the truck looks clean and presentable!!
    Take Ritalin

    Don't forget dog treats
    get a cup of coffee so it relaxes the mood a bit

    **There's no reason why you shouldn't let your clients know your business is doing well!!** - how u show them this is up to you
    That's why i have an 06 f350 and brand new scag mower (i only have 3 accounts but bring it to other clients houses to show them i mow)
    then again i'm not a weekend warrior
  3. unit28

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    It doesn't hurt to dress up for an estimate.

    But I've landed as many jobs while bustin my donky, stinkin and sweaty

    So here I am, I'm in full stride with a weed wacker flinging debri all over.
    And sure as nuts the neighbor is coming over,
    They're bobbing and weaving the debri because they decided
    it's a great time for a quote.
  4. Lurch01

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    BAYTOWN TX, Great to meet you, I have a few rental homes in your area.

    I am new at lawn Care but I own a few other businesses. And yes I would dress up. In fact I already have the clothes set aside just for these estimates. Tell me do you feel more comfortable and professional when you dress nice? FIRST IMPRESSION. we all know the importance of it. :cool2:
  5. If it is a scheduled meeting, by all means I put on some jeans with a business polo. I don't need to wear a suit, but I think looking presentable is important.
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  6. mowerbrad

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    I think professionalism is something that this industry isn't known for. When you think of Lawn care, you think of some guy who is wearing dirty jeans and is covered in grass and debris. Anything to make you look more professional to the client is going to be a good idea. Dress for the occasion...if you are going to have a meeting with a highend, large commercial property owner, you should probably dress a little sharper than when you go to an average residential account. Dressing for the occasion may make you a little less intimidating to the client.

    If you as me, the best thing you could wear is a clean pair of kayki pants and polo company shirt. If you really want to dress up, a button up dress shirt with your company logo embroidered on it would be sufficient.

    Dress for success and impress the client. You may be surprised that customers may take you more seriously than the guy who comes to the door in dirty jeans and sweaty.
  7. Agape

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    people are more likely to get the checkbook when u show up in hat, shirt, and jacket all with name on it. keep mints and pitt stick/cologne/ body spray in truck.
  8. Growing Green

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    I always dress up in jeans and a dress shirt when it come to estimates. I can't wait to have more of a uniform, but in the mean time I'm dressing as best as I can. I keep a nice shirt in my truck and cologne so I can spray it on before I give an estimate.

  9. AI Inc

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    Dockers and a company golf shirt.
  10. a clear difference lawn

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    Is this thread serious or a joke? I honestly can't tell!

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