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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Mar 31, 2013.

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    In many cases the terms mean the same thing. However, some companies claim to be able to stick insecticides and fungicides to the plant leaf surface, in addition to spreading the liquid over the leaf surface, instead of forming big droplets.
    I think a surfactant is what you want for herbicide adjuvants. Read the label and information carefully--and beware of exaggerated claims.

    I tried to test weed control with and without surfactants--but its not easy. Maybe I can try again.

    As a minimum dip a plastic bottle into the tank to see how well the solution clings to the plastic, before and after the surfactant is added. Better yet, dip a weed into the tank to see how well it is wetted (or not wetted if no surfactant was added).

    Read whatever you can on this site--to get an idea of what others have experienced.
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    We use a product called Bulls eye it holds the water dropletts togeather so you dont get the mist you are refuring to. You use 1 oz per 100 gal don't over do use it will make the water hard to spray. I am sure there are others out there what i don't like about others are they are a all in one product use this much for one thing than use another amount for this. This is all it does good luck with the grapes

    Charles Cue
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    Thanks guys
    Yes, that's what the label says Riggle for the surfactant:

    It just wasn't clear as to it saying "Drift control"

    Hope its a good season, making sure my spray won't drift and when the grape vines start to bud we'll my 2,4D goes in the drawer. I'm more concerned about but neighbors, they have no idea what drift is, no less when to spray even round-up :cry:

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