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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by billnil, Mar 1, 2001.

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    Does anyone know how well the booms with shrouds work (such as the Falcon, Rogers Inovative, Etec etc)? How well do they hold up? Does anyone know of other brands out there? I have also seen roller-type applicators, but it seems like they would get gummed up real quick, does anyone have experience with them?
  2. I add Nalcotrol to the mix and spray in the AM b/4 the winds
    arrive in the PM.
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    Thanks Lawrence,
    But we do commercial properties (HOA's, Condos, Apt complexes, & some office buildings). We have a very short window in which to get down certain applications & finding manpower is a real problem. Also we cannot go on the properties too early in the morning nor do they like to see us on weekends. So we pretty much have to go all day when weather permits. It would be nice to find some practical way to expand the window.
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    we use a soil penatrent to our apps to reduce drift and it does work and improves the results
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    Prolawn spray shields makes a similar covered sprayer to mount on ztr. I demo'd one, but have not bought. It is made my mcgregor I believe. Try http://www.prolawnsprayshields.com. Sometimes you can get to their site. The best thing I see besides the wind issue is the small droplet/low water volume. You can spray about 4 acres with 30 gallons H20. I currently use a ATV sprayer on the back of Suzuki 500. It has 12 ft boom with greenleaf turbodrop nozzles. They spray about 40ounces of water per 1000 sq ft with very litte drift. They are not covered. It is great for large areas, but turning radius sucks with ATV. BUBCO also sells covered boom sprayers, but they are high dollar. I plan on purchasing the prolawn sprayer soon, so I will let you know after a few months.

    Robert Stroud "The Turf Doctor"

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