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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by charlies, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. charlies

    charlies LawnSite Senior Member
    from earth
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    anyone notice how many of the new zero turns have a drink holder?

    i can understand a drink holder on a homeowner model. shoot, they like to have a beer while they mow their lawn in their birkenstocks, but on a commercial mower?
  2. Tvov

    Tvov LawnSite Bronze Member
    from CT
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    LOL. One of my guys desperately wanted a drink holder. So, when we got our Ferris, part of the deal was a drink holder. The first day my guy used it with a cup of coffee (with a lid), it was covered in grass and dirt. The coffee inside was okay, but you couldn't get to it! Can't drink it through the hole in the cover, and when you take the cover off, dirt falls into it. I guess it adds an earthy flavor, though.

    He tried it one more time, then gave up and never used it again.
  3. LB Landscaping

    LB Landscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Maine
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    I don't have one on my Walker but I'd love one. Got a couple of lawns that take 2 or more hours to do and having a bottle of water with me and a good place to put it would be great. I try and hold it or jam it somewhere but it never seems to stay in place.
  4. Simone Lawn Service

    Simone Lawn Service LawnSite Member
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    I bought my new Lazer late last fall. I'm definitely going to try the cup holder out this summer. I'll probably have to freeze the bottle close to the top so it doesn't all melt before I'm halfway finished with the lawn.
  5. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
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    I would think that the drink would get covered in dirt and grass
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

    Kelly's Landscaping LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I love the cup holders I probably drink 4-8 Snapple ice teas a day in the summer and it is sweet to be able to take a drink rather then going off the lawn to go back to the cooler. The drinks don’t stay cold long but then it doesn’t take long to drink one when its hot out.
  7. specialtylc

    specialtylc LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I dont have a cup holder on my Z. But I do carry a 52 ounce insulated drink cup with me on the larger jobs. When the wind is blowing it gets covered with grass , but its sealed except for the straw. But hell I'm eating grass on those windy days anyway. At least with a drink I can wash it down.
  8. charlies

    charlies LawnSite Senior Member
    from earth
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    maybe they should put a cell phone plug on there....oh, and how about something like a on-star sytem? i think it might help some of my employees.:D
  9. charlies

    charlies LawnSite Senior Member
    from earth
    Messages: 587

    no no no...a vinyl cab and air conditioning, now that would be the best, eh?
  10. charlies

    charlies LawnSite Senior Member
    from earth
    Messages: 587

    sometimes, when i have time to daydream, like now, i think someone should try making a very small car/mower. you could drive right onto the lawn and start mowing. how about that?

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