Drip air relief valve with automatic flush valve?

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by Bluelude1, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I never loved drip (can't see it in operation) but I'd want something like that auto-flush on an install. Every time the zone activates, the water movement in the drip lines towards the flush valve would push sediment buildup past the emitter outlets.
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    One valve at the end of the line is all you need.
    The same valve allows air out, and also allows the initial rush of water to spurt out the end, flushing the lines. Just be sure that any flushing ends that you install sub-surface, have built in filters, or else they can become a source of dirt ingress.

    If your system has a zone that tees, you may want one valve at the end of each branch, but I'd suggest avoiding that, because the valves may have trouble activating reliably.
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    Its a standard recommendation across any manufacture of sub surface drip irrigation. Netafim also recommends the same set up even though they say there self flushing emitters will take care of evasive roots. Call it insurance.

    Though i have started to shy away from it, we have used it on a few lawns(installed during our drought). Its just a pain to install.

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