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Drip Irrigation Pricing


LawnSite Member
st louis mo
Anyone have any tips on pricing out drip systems? I'm thinking about adding this to my landscaping business. Since the material costs are so much lower than regular irrigation it doesn't seem worth it to use the material costX3 method.

Critical Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Central Oregon
I tend to go by a modified zone dollar amount. That's sort of like saying that to do the work you're going to charge a base price, and then adjust it.

You may want to figure out something like $$$ for installing one drip zone, then modify that up or down depending upon expense and how difficult the zone is. For example, if you have to run wires or a line under a sidewalk, run several laterals or an extra long length, or install a module in a controller, then you would want to bump up the price a bit. But on the other hand, you could give the client a break for a very simple, short, and straightforward zone, such as one where an extra pair of controller wires happen to be right where you'll be installing the valve, etc.
Sigh....always w/ the pricing threads.....costx3? WTF?

Figure out your costs for that job..parts, rentals, labor etc....figure out your daily overhead costs....figure out...oh fu^& it...why do I bother.....

Seriously though...some of (us) need to take a business class and learn this crap....it isn't some friggin secret that all us irrigators are keeping to ourselves...

How do you price a landscape job? How does a painter price a painting job? It is all the same.....basic business 101....jeeesh.

Good luck to you.


LawnSite Senior Member
I would love this pricing... for $50 labor and $25 materials..
E = MC^2
E = (25) * (50)^2
E = (25) * (2500)
E = $62,500

not bad.. lets start a union and make this our minimum

Einstien said it best..........

E=MC^2, where E=estimate, M=material, C=cost of labor