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Drip line under artificial turf


LawnSite Member
Los Angeles
Hi, I've got a DIY project I'm about to embark on installing a strip of artificial turf in my back yard. The area is 6.41' x 22'. My grass was already taken out a few years back and the yard is made up of river rock.

My question spans irrigation as well as artificial turf. I have a drip system installed throughout my yard that waters various drought-tolerant plants. The strip I'm installing the grass to has a 1/2" main line with 1/4" lines running off to emitters that are at the plants.

What would anyone recommend doing with those drip lines? Is it safe to put them in the base aggregate and compact them in there? Should I try and bury them in the dirt under the aggregate? Would they possibly be under too much pressure under there and crush the 1/2" lines? Re-routing is not really an option as on one side of the strip is the concrete patio, and on the other side is a rose bed, but the plants I need to water with the drip system are just off the patio, so if I tried to move the 1/2" line to the rose bed, I would still have to run the 1/4" lines even further to get them across under the artificial grass.

Just wondering if anyone has run across this situation before and how you handled it, or if someone has some ideas on how I might approach it.


LawnSite Silver Member
Long Island
First thing that came to mind when I read the subject was "I really thought artificial turf doesn't need watering."

Over the years, I've had to occasionally repair above-ground drip connections. I wouldn't suggest burying it.

Here's my suggestion (take it for what it's worth). You've got to break the surface somewhere, right? And you want to water planters or pots off the patio with 1/4" lines? I would run a piece of PVC under the turf, and come up with a threaded schedule 80 PVC nipple like you'd see on a shrub sprinkler. Cap that with a drip manifold adapter with the right number of 1/4" barbs for your purposes.

On the other end, find a barb fitting that fits your 1/2" drip line, and clamp onto that. So you'll need a stick or two of 1/2" PVC, two glue x thread elbows (and the primer and glue to attach), and a male thread by barb elbow.