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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dreams To Designs, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Has anyone had problems with using drip off a well, that is putting out 60psi and 35gpm. A recent design client explained, when the irrigation contractor installed 2 drip zones and activated them, the pressure relief valve opened on the well head. The well was sunk only for the irrigation system that includes turf rotors, sprayheads and an attempt at Netafim drip tubing. The contractors fix for this problem is to tap into the house water system, add a pvb and run the drip zones from that. Is this the best way or are there alternatives?

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    Sounds like the pump is being forced to run, using a pump relay. You should still have a pressure switch and pressure tank (even a ten gallon dinky is okay) on that installation. That pressure relief valve is protection of the last resort. The simple solution is to run the drip at the same time one or more of the lawn zones is running. Not all controllers can do that, (A Hunter ICC is one that can) but a drip-capable controller should already be a part of the system.
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    Thank you for the response. I will relay your thoughts. Your simple solution seems so very, simple. I am awaiting the response from the homeowner. He is having the irrigation contractor come out to look at the system again.

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    Have the pressure relief valve feed another drip zone....

    I'm kidding, I'm kidding :)
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    Jon, are you trying to get me in more trouble than I already am in? This entire landscape was installed in the spring, and if were up to me,it would all come out, including the poorly designed raised patio.

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    As mentioned previously- gang up the drip zone with another zone unless its a very critical drip zone that requires specific watering run times.

    You need to explain to the owner that the well system is not running compatible with the volume of the drip zone. You will burn out that pump switch if its always on/off.

    The other option is the relay switch, Could also be tricky depending on the pump and tank setup.

    And of course the other option is to change over the drip zone to sprayers that will total the output as the rotor zones
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    i'd run the drip off the house. drip takes very very little water.

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    Personaly we try to switch any pump start system to a tank. Install a Cycle Stop valve, and you can run very small amounts of water without damage to the pump. Selling the tank system to the owner is'nt that hard.
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    I would also recommend installing a Cylcle Stop Valve. Started using them this year, and I am impressed with how well they work.

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