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Drip Pricing???


LawnSite Senior Member
I've asked this question a few times and no one seems to want to answer. I know its a tough question here in my area. Guys are all over the place on pricing drip.

Again! How are you guys charging. I am using the new Netafim Techline this season with built in check valves

By the foot? By the zone? supplies plus % markup.

Please share!
Pricing for all work should be the same....

Materials cost to you
Time it will take for you to do the job x your hourly rate

Mark up materials as you see fit.

If you know your "costs of doing business", this should be easy.

Who cares what everyone else is charging.

I know how much it costs me to be in business hourly, so I know how much I need to get per hour....than I know how much I want to "profit" per hour......I need to know nothing else.