drip tape / toledo ohio cost estimates too

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by groomden, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Does anyone have experience/recommendations on drip tape versus purely drip irrigation? I have several large planting beds with primarily baby shrubs (1gal) and 2 trees(3-5gal) that I would like to irrigate. I am leary about a pure drip system due to fears on never ending maintenance etcetera from the emitters clogging/moving/whatever. It seems like having uniform water through a bed would encourage roots to wander everywhere? (Weeds too, I realize...)

    Anyone with thoughts for me?

    Location: Walbridge, OH 43465 -- just south of Toledo

    For anyone that knows the area, I am getting estimates for a sprinkler system over the next couple weeks, any idea re: costs?
    scenario a:
    5000sq ft front and side yards, landscaping on all 3 sides
    scenario b:
    just spray/bubbler irrigation of landscape beds, ~90ft of 'wet' length by 5-15' of bed width

    thanks for any opinions
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    Hey groomden------

    I would recommend using the drip vs. the tape. There are a couple of ways (if not more) to irrigate with drip. There is tubing with emitters built into the line, and then the type you tap into the line where ever an emitter is needed/wanted. And lots of different emitters and ways to use them. Yes, drip can require a little more maintenance than the traditional irrigation. As with most everything, there are trade-offs. I think you would be happier with the traditional drip, a lot more flexibility, and very efficient. There are componets especially for drip, to make maintaining simpler. Do a search on the internet, read up on it a bit. Rainbird has some info. about drip on their web-site.
    For pricing on irrigation----find a contractor in your area.
    By the way, welcome to a great source of info., here at this site!

    See ya----kerdog
  3. sheshovel

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    Use Dial-a-flow adjustable cleanable emittors
  4. groomden

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    thanks for the advice,

    i had one company out this week to estimate, having trouble finding 2 more that will return messages -- it has to be extremely busy right now with temps above 90 around here.

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