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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PLM-1, Jul 22, 2006.

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    First off, I don't do much irrigation so this question is probably pretty amateur. I have a customer that had a big name irrigation installer install exactly what she DIDN'T want. He put in drip line in a bed where I was going to install some sod into, which is why she asked for mist zones. Anyway to make a long story short, he now won't come back out and change the system over.

    I would like to know how many mist heads you can run on one zone. The guy that installed the drip has approx. 500ft of drip hose on a zone. It is going to be a big deal to add another zone because it's location and we would need to install a new controller, this one is maxed out with zones.

    I have attached a crappy image of the area. I put in a few measurements. If you could help me place the heads that would be great, and what type of heads. I believe the PSI is 60-65, according to what the plans showed for the previous installer. What isn't sod is plantings. Remember, one zone if possible.

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    Call a irrigation professional, I'm sure there is more than one in your area. Explain the situation and have him take a look.

    Without walking the site, you can't even start to decide on a layout, I would go with rotors given the image above, not mists, but I can't really tell what you want watered.

    Everyone mentions PSI, but nodody realises that all PSI does is pop up the heads and push the water. What is really important is GPM, You could have 100 PSI but with only 5 GPM your not going to get much preformance out of the heads.


    Call a irrigation professional
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    They are all morons around here. Nobody else will even come look. This one that installed this mess "was the best". After he called my mother a ***** I'm not callng him back, plus he won't even call the home owner back. He will be run out of town anyway.

    I'm doing this one myself, i've installed irrigation before but not converted any systems. The entire shaded area is to be covered with equal amount of water.
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    There is no reasionable way to cover all the shaded area's in one zone with mist heads off your standard city meter connection.

    Perhaps cover it and all the planting areas with rotors instead, there will be overspray though.

    Alternatively, buy a bigger timer.
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    My only concerns with the rotors was the over spray. But, if that's the only way, we may just try that. This project went WAY over budget, the owners kept changing everything and now they want to get cheap on this. In reality it's not their fault because the installer didn't do what we wanted. And now we can't get him to come back, their attorney even sent letters to no avail.

    Thanks for the help!
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    One zone and you wash all the patio and walkways down. Short of hand-watering, your client needs to upgrade the controller, run more wire, and put in at the least two more zones (depending on sun/shade and plant material, I'd go with more).

    Different plant material have different water needs (e.g.: turf vs. flowers). Unless the plantings are all ground cover, you'll never get decent coverage without front/rear/center load spray heads or some sort of drip configuration. Then you still have to deal with the turf.

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