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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by scottt, Aug 14, 2006.

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    I am installing a couple of micro sprays in a brick mailbox with small beds built in. I have to run the micro's off the lawn zone, they don't want to run a new zone for about three square feet of irrigation. I'm going to add a head to the existing lawn zone & use an rb 1800 drip conversion. The head is going to be installed in the lawn because the mailbox is solid concrete underneath. My question is, how can I protect the drip tubes from weedeater damage since they are coming out of the lawn & up the back of the mailbox? If anyone has any other ideas on how I could set this up, I'd be glad to hear that also. Thanks.
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    What about protecting the drip line in the area weedwackers are likely to play by encasing the tubing in copper (or other) metal pipe?
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    This may or may not be feasible in your situation, but we spray roundup anywhere that the mower can't get to.. trees/around buildings/some bedlines/mailboxes, etc. .. an idea anyway. If not, what about 1/2 inch pvc to string the tube through, then paint it to match the mailbox.

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