Drive 75 on crabgrass? Any pointers?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ranger520, Jul 31, 2002.

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    Picked up Manage for sedges and it said to mix with a non-ionic surfactant. Is this necessary for Manage? Any recommendations on product for the surfactants. We have not used them before - but I understand how they can be helpful. Would the same be used for Drive then as well?
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    I spent the day today with the largest independent applicator ( a big customer of mine too) in the state & my local BASF rep.

    My customer was concerned that Drive isn't performing as well this year as last. There's been some talk that the formulation may have changed when the color of the new bottles appeared. Don't worry, that's not the case. I had originally felt that drought had slowed down the crabs, which it has. But this isn't all. Cuticle strength this time of year is a problem at this stage in crabgrasses developement.

    It seems that Drive works best when applied to either very young or very old crabgrass. When in the 2-3 tiller stage, Drive varies in performance significantly. Enough so that the BASF researchers are handing out Drive samples & research monies to the Turf Schools looking for help.

    For the day, we pulled my customer off of the non-ionic surfactant he likes (for now) & got him some MSO. BASF felt that at this time of year, up to a 20% improvement in control might be expected.

    We also decided he would add .25 oz of MSMA to each gallon of finished spray. This should insure the quicker & more complete kill he's after.

    We also discovered some issues with applicator technique. Seems some route guys like to go low volume because it's easier (less frequent filling). BASF is pretty firm, that the proper rate of 1.5 gals/1000 be adhered to strictly when the conditions are like this.

    So there goes the Permagreens in case anyones been thinking about it.


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