Drive belt Failure on 20h GHS Walker

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by KoutuSchoolNZ, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. KoutuSchoolNZ

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    Hi there, new to site, had a major issue with our Walker yesterday, had a PTO drive belt break causing considerable damage to the clutch idler pulley and connecting arms and pulling the pulley into the cooling fan area at front of the motor also causing considerable damage. Was mowing at the time making low speed turn when engine revs increased, drive was lost then the smell of burning rubber began. Before I had time to turn off mower etc there was a very loud BANG and squealing. Shut down to inspect damage and called the local agent. Mower is only 13 months old and is just about due its 100 hr service.

    Has anyone suffered this before?? Any ideas what may have caused this?? There was no sign of twigs or any thing else to have caused the belts to "jump off" the pulleys and cause failure. Also the belts didn't snap in 2, They had been ripped stretched and turned inside out and thrown off their grooves

    Hope someone out there may have an idea or solution to the cause.

    Thanks in advance
  2. BTM Lawn Maintenance L.L.C

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    Did any of the pullys seize.??
  3. T-Made

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    Never had any issues with the belts besides normal wear. Good Luck!
  4. KoutuSchoolNZ

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    No pulleys seized. Even our agent said that its the first time he's ever seen something like that happen. Not even sure if it will come under warranty as mower is now one year old with only 98 hrs on the clock!!!

  5. AzLawnMan

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    If the motor isnt straight a bit and you make a fast turn or run it up on the trailer to fast, it will flex and cause the belt to snap. You didnt describe the damage, other than the belt. The loud bang you heard was a backfire from the motor, it happened because when the motor hit high RPM's and you turning off too fast caused that noise. Other than that day, has it been wearing out the belt more than normal?
  6. KoutuSchoolNZ

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    The damage to the engine is to the front of the motor where the belt drive pulley is bolted to the front of the motor. The damage was caused by one of the tensioning pulleys and linkage being bent and pulled by the extra load placed on one of the belts, (not sure which one?) and then hitting the housing. Has bent the 4 bolts and the guides holes of the cooling fan. My issue is what would have caused the failure. We are a school, the mower never goes on a trailer only ever driven around the school grounds. This is the first time it has ben taken away since its very 1st service 1 year ago. We carry out all the lube and greasing when required. Has not had a very hard life, well taken care of.
  7. AzLawnMan

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    Without looking at it, it is tough to say. But alot of damage to the belts has to do with the fact that the motors are not put on straight. Now dont get me wrong, Walker builds an awsome product but if those motors are off a fraction of a degree, you will have small and sometimes big problems. One of my guys had been cutting and the handle that engages the blade went straight up! In order to re-engage the blade to continue cutting again he had to pull it further back. It was almost at a 90 degree angle. Now that is something my dealer could not explain. Now I am losing power when you accelerate, so you have to go real slow in order for the motor to catch up. As soon as I get time Im gonna drop it off, AGAIN.
  8. EARTH5

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    the belts do wear and break over time...w ealways carry spares of all the belts ...espesially the triple belt that engages the the last guy said, its really hard to say w out seeing the time post a picture of damage and that helps a lot too....good luckkk dont give up on walkers, they are great....i am plowing snow here, be thankful....hahaha
  9. qualitylawnpro

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    mine broke on my walker with only 250 hrs on the mower 07 model 23 h.p.
  10. KoutuSchoolNZ

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    Was there any idea of the cause for the belt to fail?? I cant see how some guys can get 1000hrs out of a belt(or more) and some of us only 250 or less in my case. My dealer is trying to blame it on a stick getting caught up in the belts causing them to jump pulleys and then the other damage. There was no sign of a stick in there when I removed the belts. I cant see how a stick could get in there anyways when you are mowing, you'd think it would end up in the catcher not in where the belts are. Supposedly ill be getting it back Thursday with a hefty bill including its 1st 100hr service bill. Any ideas if the 100hr service is very involved?? May just end of doing all that myself in the future if the costs are too high. Thanks to all who have replied, will keep you posted on the outcome in a couple of days


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