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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN FOLEY, May 5, 2002.


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    Has anyone had trouble with there drive belts stretching out? i have a new toro 44 wb and the drive belt on the right side has stretched out. the dealer is replacing them free of charge but i am wondering why it happend?? it got to the point it was very difficult to turn. by the way it is the t bar style unit and iam using the tru trak sulky. Thanks for any input, Brian
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    Any time you use a sulky with a belt drive you will burn belts fast.
    I would use some belt dressing at the first sign of slipping. Once they start to slip it seems they can wear out fast. Belt drives and sulkies are just not a great combo unless you are on flat lawns or weigh 90 lbs.

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    Check out my thread "Dual belts on a Toro WB". I haven't figured out how to link up to other threads. I posted a pic of the dual belts. Hope this helps.


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