drive belt split in half on new 36" metro

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by ScotLawn, Aug 17, 2004.

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    Have any of you guys had problems with drive belts splitting down the center seperating the belt into two. My 4 week old 36" metro is doing that now and has the belt seperated about 12inches. the mower maybe has 5 hours on it.

    Dealer has looked at it and is scratching his head.

    Also the same side the rear tire has a buldge in the side wall next to the drive pully. do you think that will cause the belt to push over some and cause the pully to cut into it?

    Any help?

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    I've never heard of this type of failure before so I'll bounce a couple of thing off my knoggin and see if any of them make sense.

    First if it happens again there's definately something wrong. Second it could have been a bad belt and it'll never happen again.

    I would also inspect center of the pulleys to ensure the "V" that seperates the two grooves that the belt rides in isn't machined too high and could have cut down the center of the belt.

    I'd also keep an eye on the buldge in the tire. Sometimes these tires will have a slight bulge at the seam in the tire and it'll never change. If there is a problem causing the bulge it will usually expand or grow in size rather rapidly (sometimes over night others may take a period of useage). If the bulge increases it could have been caused by a "pinch" if the drive tire impacted a curb at the wrong angle or something like that. This may also explain why the belt was damaged as well.

    If I had to guess though I'd say it was a bad belt. Did the dealer cover it under warranty?

  3. ScotLawn

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    working with him now to cover it. i'm wanting the tire and belt replaced. mower is too new and way too few hours to have those flaws.

    I'll keep you updated terry.

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