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Hi, welcome to this new forum about advertising on free411

What is 1800-Free411?

1800-Free411 is a free directory assistance service, receiving over 15 Million calls per month and has recently passed the 200 Million calls milestone. After a caller has requested a number, a short add is played before they get the phone number they requested.

As an advertiser on 1800-Free411 you have many options of targeting your potential customers, geographical targeting being one of them. For instance you can have your ad (we will have the ad recorded for free) played to callers requesting the phone number for a landscaping business in your area.

Advertising on 1800-Free411 is very different than your traditional ways of advertising. We don't send visitors to your website like Google Adwords for example does. We send you phone calls from people genuinely interested in your business. Actually speaking to a customer makes it a lot easier to close a deal than trying to convince them with your website.

1800-FREE411 is also more targeted than Print, Radio and TV because your offer is played directly to captive people who actively requested a business in your category.

more to come soon, I just wanted to make a first post to so this forum doesn't look that empty anymore. Feel free to post your comments and questions.