Drive over quick change decks


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I'm about to pick up a new JD sub-compact tractor and noticed this in the brouchure.

The killer feature that both new models now have is the AutoConnect technology. Operators simply drive over the top of the mowing deck to attach it to the tractor. There is also an added AutoPTO feature available that automatically matches the PTO couplings which makes the entire process of installing a mowing deck and cutting the grass without ever getting out of your seat to connect anything."

I know they're different technology but it somewhat surprises me that after all these years no manufacturer has tried to develop a "quick change" deck so that you could run a large deck mower and still squeeze through more gates when needed, w/o having to buy another machine and even then make do with a less productive one.

(Well, nobody but Walker)

I recall Toros I used way back I'd swap decks from 36 to 44, but it was not exactly "quick". I'm also surprised they don't engineer a way to provide deck power via PTO instead of belts. That right there would solve the "engine on the deck" issue that prevents stand-ons from having true floating decks with antiscalps that don't gouge.


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Scag vride is not setup like the Toro Grandstand...engine on frame like a WB
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