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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hmartin, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I work 99.9% with bermuda lawns and have much more experience with MSMA, but I sprayed a 45,000 sq. ft. zoysia lawn that was newly installed about 9 weeks ago with 1 lb. of Drive and 1 pint oil surfactant. I have never used Drive before. Every seem of the sod was crabgrass and some crabgrass was out in the middle of the zosia. Much of the crabgrass was large.

    It has been 6 days since the application and the results are looking pretty good, but not a kill yet. So, my question is when will the results have peaked? I told the homeowner that everthing this one application is going to kill should have happened within 2 weeks. Am I right? Any Drive tips/recommendations from the people who use it alot would be appreciated.
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    . . . sounds about right. Purpling of the leaves after a few days, obvious stress to the crab in one week, death at two weeks, and completely gone and the bermuda healed in 3 weeks. Depends on plant uptake, and the age of the crabgrass, though. During the droughts everything is slower, and Drive works quicker on new and old plants.

    Drive will stress the hybrid bermudas for a bit. Add Iron or Manganese to hasten turf recovery. . .
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    Thanks for the reply. I have another question. This crab popped up right after the zoysia was laid. The customer called me wanting a treatment about 4 weeks after the sod was laid. I put them off telling them that 4 weeks was to soon after a sod install to start treating the lawn with herbicides. Now that I have read the label for Drive it looks like I could have sprayed immediately after the install. The label says that for Zoysia, Drive can be applied anytime prior to, at or after sprigging. This means that Drive can be applied very soon after a sod install if needed, right?
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    This customer is also a builder and they were pleased with the crabgrass kill on the zoysia sod. They have 3 more houses with newly sodded zoysia lawns about 1 acre each and want the crabgrass dead. I really want this business, but want to do the right thing. Will someone confirm what I understood from the Drive label-----That Drive can be applied right after sod is laid. Thanks.

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