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drive the mercedes to an estimate?


LawnSite Fanatic
when i was a youth, i had a paper route, my aunt used to take me once in a while to collect the payments. she had 2 cars, a crumby old nova, and a nice shiny cadilac. she always took me to collect in the nova, saying that it's best to let people think u don't have much, if they think u got money, they are jealous, and don't tip well or try to avoid paying. so, is this theory true? would you take the old work truck, or the mercedes to do an estimate?


LawnSite Senior Member
Bobby to answear your question I think the customer sees a nice ride and says to himself, hmm if he takes pride in his ride he must take pride in his work. I Just traded my 2003 jeep grand for a 2004 Jeep Grand, and thats the ride I do estimates in


LawnSite Silver Member
Well I always make sure to take my shiny new ram when meeting with clients. Most people look at a nice vehicle as a sign of success. I think Id think twice about hiring a "professional" who pulled up in a 1975 ford. Id think I guess theres something hes not doing right if he cant even afford a presentable vehicle. Since I was 16 I have always diven new vehicles. Only once have I gotten the comment "wow with such an expensive truck you have I probly cant even afford your prices". Of course that guy is a successful realtor who is worth millions......


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Clinton, NJ
Take the Benz...successful people associate often with other successful people. Think of it this way bobby...how many great looking chicks have ugly best friends?


LawnSite Bronze Member
The first thing I would think is that I was paying too much for you services. Let them think that they have you in a financial strangle hold. Your aunt had the correct read on the situation.

Turf Medic

LawnSite Bronze Member
Lincoln NE
It would depend a lot on the customer. Part of the sales process is to build a link as quickly as you can with your customer. Either vehicle would have to be clean and in good working order, able to tell what color it is, and not need the client to give you a push to get out of the driveway. That aside, I wouldn't drive the mercedes up to deal with a middle income customer I would choose the truck. However for the high end customer I wouldn't hesitate to jump in the nicer car to do the estimate.


LawnSite Member
I prefer to look as successful as possible because those people are my target clients. Remember iron sharpens iron...period! I consider myself a business owner, not a poor lowly grass cutter whose probably not intelligent to get a j**. I am a professional, look like a professional, and lastly charge as a professional. Therefore I am treated as a professional.
I would think that alot of people would just associate it as showing off more than being professional. Their attitute towards that stuff is, well he doesnt seem to need the money so why am i helping him out.