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Drive Wheel Offset on Super Z 926766


LawnSite Member
I have a new pair of rear drive wheels (p/n 781252) that are supposed to fit both the Hustler Z and the Super Z that I am planning to mount a pair of AT101 bar tread tires (same tires that are on the ATZ). The p/n for the 2005 Super Z is 784066, but I was assured that the 781252 rims would interchange. However, after doing some measuring, I found that the 781252 wheels are offset approximately 3 inches towards the center of the mower. This means that my tire to tire width will now be 53 inches instead of 59 inches. Will this change significantly affect the handling of my mower? Please advise. THANXZZZ!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
West Chester,IA
Sounds like the difference in my 66 and 60 Inch machines, But I still like the new machine better in the hills due to the smaller pumps/motors..


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
I talked to the guys that know..
You need to take the rims back and buy the correct ones.
The ones you have may actually cause the tires to rub the frame.
The reason the dealer said they would be fine is because on the newer framed Z's and Super Z's have a different mounting for the wheel motors, this was done when we changed to the XR-7 decks and centered them up on the frame.