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    Hey, Eric, I have a question for you or others doing a bunch of residentials in one area. I picked up an entire neigborhood this week for lawn and snow. The road is a county road (they plow) I will have 25 + personal drives all in one area, how do you like that john deere setup you have? How many minutes does it take for you to clear a 50' double drive, do you push the snow side to side? I am thinking about buying a v plow for my tractor instead of using one of the full size trucks because I have no where to put the snow outside the drives. What would you recomend?? Thanks
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    I have two places several small drives in one location to do this year. My solution, bring on the bob cat, one with a bucket one with a blade. This year i think i am going to end up with a third location. So i plan on leasing an adition skid steer from nations rent. One of the best rental places i have ever used.

    Maybe lease a skid steer for the winter, or try to rent one by the storm.

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    Doug, The JD with a 54" blade will throw that snow a long ways at 12 MPH. I just plow a drive with it just like we do the truck. First push down the middle and then go each way. It will pile snow 3' high and to the side at least 2' high. It will do 4 of the big driveways we do in an hour with 6" or less. Most of the ones I do are circle drives plus a parking/turn around area by the garage and all are push offs. Normally we use the truck to go down the middle and around the circle and do most of the big areas by the garages with the truck and use the tractor for small areas and by the garage doors. We can do 61 big driveways in 6 hours with this combo. Big, I mean some have circles a total of a city block long and some are double wide. Some are just straight drives with a big area by the garage. The good sized tractor (bigger than mine with a 6' plow) with a cab and hydro is better than a truck for driveways, because you can turn them around so easy. I have plowed the same size drives as a competitor him in a truck, me on the tractor and got done first with a lot better job being done. If you haven't seen a picture of this little JD, it's on my equipment page on my website and there is a link there too, to a picture of it plowing. I hope this helps.

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