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Driveway base


LawnSite Member
Moncton, NB
Looking for advise on material for driveway base. Will be clearing 1-2 feet of top soil where 200 feet of driveway will be going. This will take me down to rock base.

Is it better to build the base of the driveway (up to 2 feet thick) with 3-6 inch rock or 0-6" rock? Both will be covered with 0-3/4 inch gravel for final grade.

Want to eventually pave driveway and would like to construct driveway to minimize risk of driveway developing ruts and frost heaves.

Any suggestions appreciated.


LawnSite Member
I used to be a Project Manager for a shopping center developer, we always designed "heavy duty pavement" for the ring roads and areas semis would be traveling on the site. I think we used 8" of large gravel (53's I think), rolled and compacted, then 3" of screenings rolled and compacted. 3" asphalt base, then 1.5 top coat. Never had any problems, but we were usually on clay. Don't know about laying on bedrock.

I am sure your local paving companies, or gravel pits, can answer your question as it relates to your area of the country.


LawnSite Member
On my driveway, I used a base of what we call (around here anyway) "item 4". It's a mix of stone dust, and various sized gravel up to around 1". They use it on roadways. It compacts down beautifully. I did a 200' brick paver driveway with an 18" thick bed of item 4 as the foundation. Over 200 tons. Been through ten northern winters so far, and have had the (very heavy) oil delivery truck on the driveway many times -- it's still perfectly planar across the entire surface.

Compact it using a vibrating roller, in about 8" layers (lifts). You'll be able to transport the space shuttle over it when you are done.